Oak mountain S.P., Conecuh N.F. , Gulf islands national seashore – Dec 2017 – AL, FL

Location: Alabama – Andalusia – Florida key

Time: December 2017

Attractions & Trails: Blue lake, Open pond, Conecuh national forest, Conecuh trail, National seashore, Johnson’s beach, Gulf islands national seashore

Hazards: Be aware of hunting season.

Facilities: Restrooms with shower. Water per campsite. Picnic table per campsite.

Fees: $3 day use – $16 primitive camping with hookups and $8 primitive camping without hookups






GPS file:


  • This is not full trail. It was tricky to find connecting trail and you see I walked back and forth to find it. There is a loop around open pond and south loop is mixed with this trail. Trail is marked but sometimes they are burned.


First I visited Oak mountain state park in Birmingham, AL and I hiked yellow trail. It was beautiful and calm trail.

Next day I headed up to Conecuh national forest and I hiked and camped 3 days and 2 nights. South loop was almost burned and black color and smell of burnt vegetation was annoying but connecting trail between open pond and blue lake was absolutely beautiful. Apparently they burn part of vegetation to improve quality of soil for next year.

My last destination was national seashores in Florida.

Conecuh trail
Conecuh trail
Conecuh trail
Conecuh trail
Conecuh trail
Conecuh trail
open pond
Open pond – Conecuh national forest


national seashores
Gulf islands national seashore – Florida